Almost everyone has made a purchase or sale on Amazon at some point. In 1994, when Jeff Bezos started the company, it was merely another internet bookseller. Since then, though, it has mushroomed into an e-commerce giant. 

Let’s explore the top five fascinating facts about this company. 

It Began with A Distinct Name 

It’s not widely known that Amazon has changed its name twice since it opened for business in 1994.

The name ‘Cadabra’ was chosen to depict the mystical word “abracadabra.” But Jeff Bezos’ lawyer argued that the word “Cadabra” could be confused with the term “cadaver.” 

In the end, “Amazon” was chosen, named after the river located in South America. The reasoning behind it seemed to be that their book collection would be as vast and varied as the Amazon River.

The Company Offers to Pay the Leaving Employees

In 2014, Amazon implemented a “Pay to Quit” initiative to reduce the number of demotivated warehouse staff at its fulfilment centres.

A compensation package of $2000-$5000 is offered to departing employees, with the exact amount determined by the number of years they have been with the company. (Workers need at least 12 months of service with the firm.) 

So, what’s the grab, exactly?

If you take the money, you will not be employed at the company anymore in the future. Although 90% of eligible employees were informed of the offer, just 10% accepted it.

Employees Get to Interact with Nature While at Work

Amazon recognized the need for a place where workers could get free from their cubicles and work together on projects. The Spheres was constructed in 2018 on the Seattle headquarters’ property.

More than four hundred plant species from all corners of the globe are housed in the Spheres. 

The plants are moved to a nearby greenhouse for storage and regular rotation. The company believes there should be more of a connection to nature in the workplace.

It aspires to incorporate that vibe into Amazon’s ethos comprehensively.

The Convenience Stores on Amazon Do Not Require a Checkout

Amazon Go is a high-tech supermarket infrastructure where customers may shop for groceries without anyone ever needing to see a cashier. All Amazon Go locations are wired with a slew of cameras that employ the same technology as autonomous vehicles.

Customers can place their items in a digital shopping cart and leave the store immediately. Their Amazon account is charged without any further action on their part.

The CIA Is Among the Company’s Most Prominent Customers

The CIA paid Amazon $600 million in 2013 for its cloud computing storage service, Amazon Web Services (AWS). 

A petition has been circulated demanding that Amazon declare a firm policy against exchanging data. The collaboration has caused controversy due to concerns that the technology giant would reveal sensitive information about customers to the government.

Amazon has become “the everything store,” a dream of the founder Jeff Bezos, thanks to its customer base comprising several hundred million and far more than a hundred million Amazon Prime subscribers who purchase everything from books to sneakers to tiny homes.  

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