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US staffing and recruitment industry alone is predicted to be $157 B by 2020. Companies now need to find the best digital ways to find the right candidate. Google found an opportunity way too head of the race and started “Google for Jobs” in 2017.

Its need of the hour for every company to transform their systems which can help them to have their career pages ranked top on Google for Jobs.

How do I post my jobs to “Google for Jobs”?

When I interact with my friends, most of them are not even aware of Google for Jobs. They might have seen the BLUE box on organic search but never knew about this.

Google for Jobs is not a job portal where you sign in and start posting the jobs. Google does a smart way of aggregating the data from career sites across the world who follows Google Markup standards defined by Google Job Posting. Here is the link for the developer guide from google

Two way how you can post your jobs to Google for Jobs

  1. There are few companies in the market that helps you to post your jobs. I prefer Jobiak which helps large enterprise customers across the world to post Millions of jobs every day.
  2. Get the Technology changes done to your career site as per Google standards and submit the job link to google either using sitemap or indexing API

Also, the other way round is to have your jobs posted on major ATS sites or Linkedin which directly posts them back to google. However, I would recommend going with option 1 or 2.

What data is really important in my Job Posting?

Google defined a schema which helps google bots to read the data from your job pages. Make sure your career pages follow this structure

Make sure you follow Google standards for a Job posting. Here is a link to read more developer guide

Here are the fields you need to have as part of your Job post

  1. Date Posted
  2. Job Description
  3. Company Name
  4. Job Location
  5. Job Title
  6. Valid Through date (Job Expiry date)

Nice to have data

  1. Salary
  2. Employment type
  3. Occupational Category
  4. Complete address with Street address and Zipcode

More your data is unique and relevant, your chances of appearing on Google for Jobs is higher.

How can my job get to top 5 rankings?

There are a few parameters that need to be considered while posting a job. Get into the shoes of Job seekers and understand how they could search for your job.

  1. Job Title – Anyone who wants to search for a new job would start with a title or combination of title and Location. Example: Java Developer jobs, Java Developers New York, Jobs near me, etc. Make sure your title matches what Job seekers might search for. I often see Job title as “Developer technology (JAVA) – 4 Years” or some similar crap. Make sure you optimize the Job title closer to Jobseeker search language.
  2. Location – Be specific on location. If its remote job, please mention this as remote. Location with all details like city, state, and Zip with add lot of value to your job.
  3. Job Description – Get Detailed When Describing Skills, Responsibilities, and Qualifications. Most often either the Job description is too short or too long. Unique content which talks explicitly about your job helps job seeker understand about the Job.
  4. Salary – Talk about the salary range that you would like to offer. This parameters at times play a very unique role for ranking when compared with other similar postings.
  5. Keywords – Google ranks career pages and sites on various parameters. One of them is keywords. Having the right keywords as part of Job Description would really help to rank better.
  6. Job URL – Your job URL that you submit to google must be SEO friendly. Do some research on it and make sure your URLs are SEO friendly. I often see system-generated URLs submitted to google which is a wrong practice to do. Its always good to have SEO friendly URLs for your career pages.

I did all this but I still don’t see better results. What do I do?

Did you complete the previous section? Answer these questions

  1. Does your site have quality content?
  2. What’s your domain ranking?
  3. Did you delete all expired jobs and pointing to an expired page?
  4. Do you have a lot of 404 pages?

These are few basic sanity tests. There would be many and I am not an SEO expert. Its would be best to contact your SEO expert.

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