Hi! I’m Yaswanth Vepachadu. Thanks for stopping by.

Yaswanth is a recipient of accolades of his reportage, in his journey across the horizon of Entrepreneurship, Information Technology, Cyber Security, Infrastructure, Taxi Aggregation and was capable to successfully nourish his companies which were acquired by major Business conglomerates.

Profoundly changing his narrative as he realizes to recognize the reality in this ecosystem where the social fraternity has the need of direction and path, Someone who strongly believes in ” Stop going through life and Start growing with life”. With this, he kick-started many startups where he is unbounded in tailoring his Entrepreneurial learnings to the Millenials of the millennium. The only mission is to vision the reality in the aperture that lays the path for impactful learnings to the citizens of the nation.

His expertise in detailing the graph for the trend of mentorship that a student requires is proved by the designed methodologies injected to the students at the right age and in time. Which seeds the Robinhoods of our woods.