Before You Get Married, Discuss These Money Topics With Your Better Half

Marriage is an ultimate declaration of love emotionally, spiritually and legally. While the prospect of finding a soulmate to spend the rest of your life with is exciting, you also need to plan extensively and be pragmatic. 

Money is one of the most sensitive and critical topics most couples fail to discuss before tying the knot. Inability to understand the person financially can cause irreparable damage in the future that could lead to an ugly divorce in the worst case. 

So let’s look at the essential money related topics you need to discuss with your partner before making it official. 

Net Worth 

Different socio-economic backgrounds shape unique personalities. Compatibility might not be an issue if you have reached the engagement stage, but net worth could be. It is a less complicated conversation if both parties are financially equal in terms of salary and acquired assets. No one feels the brunt of a power dynamic that money generally brings to the table. With clear communication, any issue can be handled. 

If there is a clear disparity between the financial ability of the couple, it could create a toxic environment. If the higher net worth individual wants their partner to sign a prenup or similar legal documents, it needs to be made explicitly clear before the wedding. Financial imbalance can cause a lot of strain for the lower net worth individual. It is important to treat each other with kindness, and pragmatism should not come at the cost of hurting anyone’s sentiments. 

Saving Plan

Actively saving to meet milestones across various timelines and eventually retirement is a critical discussion to have. If you do not create a strategy from the start of your marriage, it might drag along and make it an impossible task later. 

Every couple has a unique way to save money, and a clear discussion will help you understand your game plan. Either both parties can save simultaneously by taking out a percentage of their salaries, or one of them can take care of the expenses while their partner saves all their money in a joint account. 


The big talk about wanting children is not just a lifestyle decision. It is a financial one as well. If both the individuals in the marriage want to have children, you need to gear all your finances towards it. 

It is expensive to raise a child, and you will not have the time or energy to make more money or save when the baby arrives. Set out a fund for future children before you get married and plan to have them. Timing is everything, and you need to have enough in the bank to handle any wildcards. 

Money is not a negative influence as most make it out to be. Money can be a tool to help and enjoy with your loved ones. If you utilise the money to buy experiences instead of materialistic things, your entire perspective on relationships and self-worth will change. 

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