Can I become a CEO?

Most experienced folks who worked for quiet a good number of years under a good Leadership has all these questions pop up in their brains. Most of us refer this to a mid career crisis which drives us to explore a startup or an opportunity with a startup.

Questions that pops up

  1. Does any posses CEO skills by birth?
  2. What skills does CEO or a leader posses?
  3. Who can be a CEO?
  4. Can I be the CEO of my company?

Half of the Entrepreneur population fails to succeed and gets back to their normal job and starts thinking want went wrong. Well the thought comes after a costly journey (losing money in startup😉).

What skills should a CEO posses? Do you think you have all these in you? Most of us may have 2 or 3. Working towards all of them would make everyone to be a successful CEO.

  1. Getting Results
  2. Creating Culture
  3. Attracting Talent
  4. Driving Innovation
  5. Setting Strategy
  6. Communicating with Stakeholders

Do you know that Apple CEO Steve Jobs too never had all these skills? For Engineering Innovation he was dependent on Steve Wozniak.

Start exploring yourself and keep learning.

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