In Part 1 of this article, we discussed how the startup culture in India was constantly evolving and told you about three cool startups in India, Skit, Coine and HolaChef that were interesting and unique.

In this part 2, we are going to look at a few more cool startups in India that are making a mark.


Before Zerodha disrupted the stockbroking market and after — there weren’t many companies that could beat what it did. Then came in Groww. Groww lets its users trade in the stock market and invest in direct mutual funds, all in one place. But there is something that Groww has that Zerodha does not.

Through Groww, one can also invest in US stocks. You can also open fixed deposits on Groww with higher interest rates than what banks have to offer. In the FinTech and finance space, this is a startup-to-watch.


Another startup in the finance space, slice targets the millennials who like spending and buying but may not always have the funds for it. slice offers a credit card, coloured in a bright purple, which lets its holders pay everything in a 90-day credit period without any interest.

It is much like no-cost EMI but on EVERYTHING. There is another similar startup in this space called UNI that does the same. When used with care for not entering a debt cycle, slice can make purchases easy.

They have also tied up with platforms like Swiggy and offer great discounts. The peeps at slice call themselves ‘the credit card challengers’.


Catered majorly for people in urban cities who have to fight through traffic to get anywhere, Rapido is a bike-taxi app. So the next time an Uber or Ola driver cancels your cab or the surge is just too high and you want to quickly breeze through the traffic, book a bike-taxi on Rapido.

Rapido is running in over 100 Indian cities. It also offers logistics services.


We spoke about Skit in the previous part and how an AI-bot that was intelligent and could do human-like conversations was changing customer service. Wysa, is also an AI-powered assistant that is known to promote mental well-being.

The AI chatbot uses cognitive behavioural techniques to talk to its ‘patients’, much like a psychologist would, 24×7. This is done to create a judgement-free space, especially for people who are not ready to talk to a human or for those who cannot afford heavy psychologist/psychiatrist fees. Wysa also gives access to professional therapists.

These startups give such an insightful window in growing India. Do you have your favourite startups? We hope you enjoyed our articles about cool startups in India.

Startups are definitely a large part of the backbone of the Indian economy and definitely the need of the house. Do you own a startup or want to startup? Tell us all about your journey in the comments below.

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