Earn $5000 daily

While I was searching for some service on Fiverr today, I accidentally landed on a gig which says “Earn $5000 daily from your website”. I was like wow and felt to read this through.

I know the basics as to what he was trying to say and attract towards his gig but I wanted to read more about how this Autoblog works.

Quickly I went on Google and started searching for articles around this. I found a few steps that are needed before to start my experiment to gain experience.

1. The right domain which is specific to the content that you want to float
2. Right content which attracts the users and makes them read and click on the links.
3. Autoblog or RSS aggregator WordPress plugin
4. Right sites to pick up and post the content.

Well, I may have missed a few steps or thoughts but you know where I am leaning towards.

My next steps

I wanted to explore Property Management Services and Real estate. Don’t ask me why;-)?

I went online and started to look at the website options I have. Site property management services which seem really relevant. As usual, I went on to GoDaddy to register the domain and it showed me a bomb. The rates were running in premium. I found Bluehost discount which includes a free domain and hosting under $5 a month for unlimited websites.

You might be wondering if I had a hosting with GoDaddy and why did I take another one. The catch here is a 30-day free trial with Bluehost. So if I don’t go further, I can claim for a 30-day refund.

My new site

As usual I started with my new hosting package and selected a theme. I now know I need Autoblog plugin or RSS Aggregator. 

I quickly went online and read through a few blogs. As usual, every blog has an affiliate and I was not sure what to choose. I thought to experiment the free versions and see which one suits me.

Even before I install any of these and experiment, I will need a Feed. I found a site Feedspot which gives me all the free from top blogs. I searched for Property management services and found a few. Now I have the feed links and I got to experiment this with my plugins.

I found two plugins


2. Feedzy

I first installed the WP RSS plugin, activated and looked at it. 

There was a small little UI under feed source which allows me to enter the feed details and few other settings.

Note: All these has to go as Post on your website.

I choose a feed to configure. Look at this Video

Once this is done, I went and created a new post and uses the shortcode generated.

I was 50% ok with this plugin but any further options are a paid plugin. 

I uninstalled and went with the second one.

The second was Feedzy. When I installed, it has a lite version that can do my stuff. This also has a paid version but I am not so keen to use that. There is a beautiful video with steps to install and work with the plugin which made my life easy.

Here is the video.

Once I installed, I went in and started using the same feed URL and tested.

This plugin really worked well when compared with previous one. All the content was getting pulled and made me happy.


Once you are done with all these, you can work on enhancing your theme to make sure users can easily filter or go to the section they would be more interested. Use categories or keywords which makes it easy.

I stopped here as I now understand the basics of how this happens.

I left the most important stuff. Earning $5000 a day. This can all be achieved by proper SEO, Backlinks and other ways to promote your website. Once you have lot of users, selling ads or affliates links is what it makes money. Just running an autoblog does not help.

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