Genghis Khan’s Unique Way Of Protecting The Mongolian Empire: Let Daughters Rule!

Genghis Khan (1162-1227) is a historical icon popular for establishing the Mongol Empire, the world’s largest at the time. Most of present-day China was part of his dominion. He and his forces committed unprecedented acts of destruction, slaughter, and reconstruction.

While he is remembered as history’s greatest conqueror, there is a lesser-known fact about the success of the Mongolian empire under him. 

What if we tell you that Genghis Khan’s empire was victorious because of his daughters and not his sons? Yes, after the sons destroyed the empire, it was the women in the late 15th century who rebuilt Mongolia.

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Genghis Khan’s strange policy on marriages

Genghis Khan instituted a policy that involved the marriage of significant political figures of the time. He would wed one of his daughters to the king of a country in his alliance. The king’s other wives were kicked out of the palace.

After that, he would order his new son-in-law to serve in the military during the Mongol battles, and he would hand over the reign of the country to his daughter. Most sons-in-law were killed on the battlefield during the war.

Genghis Khan established this defensive barrier around the Mongol native lands while simultaneously expanding his territory beyond those borders. In the premarital instructions he provided to his daughter Alaqai, he made it quite clear that this was a mission of critical importance for the military.

She was not simply there to govern but to dominate, and in doing so, she initiated the transition of the Mongols from a tribal community into a global superpower.

When Genghis Khan passed away, his daughters reigned over an area stretching from the Yellow Sea to the Caspian Sea. Women have certainly never wielded so much control over such a large region at any time earlier in history as they did at that time.

The sons started chipping away at the authority they had inherited as soon as the man passed away. Each had been given territory as part of their inheritance. The simplest way to grow their possessions was to grab land from their sisters.

As the daughters grew older and eventually passed away, their sons and grandsons took control of the kingdoms. The daughters-in-law of Genghis Khan rose to prominence and took control of the government while their spouses wasted themselves to oblivion and, ultimately, death.

This practice ushered in a new age of powerful women.

It’s indeed a remarkable story for the ages- how an empire founded by a ruthless genius who valued his family, destroyed by his wayward sons, got rebuilt and united by his daughters into the strongest and largest in history. 

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