There is a famous saying, “If you do what you love, you will never work a day in your life.” It is important to enjoy your work, but it is impossible to hold the enthusiasm consistently. 

It is natural to feel demotivated and underproductive from time to time. After the COVID-19 pandemic, most industries were forced to embrace the work-from-home culture. This has caused a more significant gap between employees and productivity, and people often end up feeling isolated. 

It is essential to take care of yourself and do everything in your power to be productive. Even the most minor actions which might seem insignificant can help you in the long run. Let’s take a look at some ultimate productivity hacks you can use at work. 

Simple But Ultimate Hack 1: Organize Your Email  

No matter which industry you work for, you have to deal with emails. It is a great way to communicate with clients, assets, and vendors. Although, it can quickly get cluttered if you don’t manage it properly. 

It might seem like a small problem, but the first thing a working professional looks at is his emails. If you see a mess, it subconsciously demotivates you for the entire day and can cause you to feel overwhelmed. Along with important mails, you might also receive spam or promotional emails from sites you might have subscribed to. 

There are multiple easy ways to organize your email. Create different folders based on the nature of your emails. For example, you can push all the promotional emails that you might be interested in into an “Updates” folder. If you have a priority list for your clients or vendors, you can create different folders for them. Delete or add to spam whichever mails are not needed. Over time the service provider’s algorithm will do most of the job for you. 

Simple But Ultimate Hack 2: Take It One Step At A Time 

You probably have a million tasks to complete. But every assignment has its own priority. Most of the time, we look at all our pending tasks, get overwhelmed, and end up procrastinating as it seems like an impossible task. 

Take a moment, prioritize all your tasks and pick only the first few. Tackle them one by one without keeping the other tasks in mind. Compartmentalizing your tasks subconsciously helps you manage your work and doesn’t burn you out. 

Simple But Ultimate Hack 3: Say No

In a competitive work environment, people often forget to stand their ground. If you are in the service industry especially, you will find multiple instances where too much is expected of you.

It could be a client expecting you to close a project within 24 hours or your manager asking you to work the weekends with no additional pay. A few rare instances are manageable, but it will lead you to hate your work if it happens regularly. 

You are allowed to say no to unreasonable requests. In fact, it is your prerogative to decide what falls under your scope of work and be vocal about it. Once you begin saying no, everyone around you will treat you with respect and assign work optimally. 

These hacks will help you manage your work effortlessly. Although, do not forget to cultivate a personal life as well. No matter how productive you are at work, without a personal life, you will burn out eventually. 

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