Who doesn’t want to be successful today? But to different people, the term ‘success’ has different meanings. To some, having a huge bungalow and a sports car is a success. To some, it could be travelling the world. And to some, it could be able to sleep soundly at night and live a medicine-free life. 

Through this article, we want to help you adopt habits that bring you close to your own definition of success. We are collating a few interesting habits of successful people from around the globe for you here that you may want to adopt in your own lives and benefit from (no, not waking up at 5 am and starting your day before everyone else, haha). 

Let’s dive into it. 

1. Let’s Get on a Rocking Chair

Remember how as kids our parents rocked us back and forth to soothe us? Well, Bill Gates continues to rock back and forth in his rock chair whenever he needs to concentrate or think about something deeply. The higher the intensity of his thinking, the faster he rocks. A few Microsoft employees also began imitating this habit of Gates. He has been doing so since his undergraduate years. 

Quick fact, did you know that a rocking chair has been used for the care of people being treated for dementia? Research states that rocking back and forth helps them decrease different symptoms like irritability, sleeplessness, restlessness etc.

2. Schedule Worry-Time

Anxiety, which sometimes stems from constant, overpowering worry, is an increasing mental health concern in the world today. Have you found yourself worrying about an issue throughout a day, sometimes a week and sometimes for months? This interferes with our daily functioning and hampers other tasks. 

So Arriana Huffington, the founder of Huffington Post came up with the idea of scheduling a time to worry and think about stressful issues in her day. She started following this idea after she collapsed from exhaustion and broke her cheekbone. One of her LinkedIn posts states, ‘One of our Thrive Microsteps is to set aside a specific time each day or week to worry. Have you tried penciling in “worry time?”’.

3. Air Baths

What? What are air baths? We’ve heard of water baths or even milk baths but what’s this now? So before we tell you more about this, imagine you’ve had a long day in clothes that are somewhere between comfortable and prickly. You come home, take your clothes off and all fall on the bed. Been there, done that? Then you’ve had an air bath.

A term credited to Benjamin Franklin, ‘air baths’ are when you go au naturel and sit in an open space (or under a fan for that matter). He did this to avoid the spread of disease – often sat in front of his window, all nude, taking in the fresh air. He believed it kept him healthy. 

While we don’t know about physical health, there is research that suggests nudity can help with happiness!

Hello, Habit!

Which habit out of these three are you going to try? Tell us in the comments below.

That’s all folks! Watch out for part two to learn about the other interesting habits of successful people that have helped them, as we like to believe, become what they are today. Even if it was in a very small way. 

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