In Part 1 of this article, we learned about the interesting habits of people like Benjamin Franklin, Bill Gates and Arriana Huffington. Whether it is the controversial air baths or rocking in a chair or setting aside worry time, let us know if you read the article and tried those things out in the comments below.

Moving on to Part 2 of this article, we are here to tell you more about the curious and interesting habits of successful people from around the globe. Here goes.

4. The Death Swims!

Japanese inventor, Yoshiro Nakamatsu or Dr. NakaMats, goes on underwater swims to deprive his brain of oxygen. “Zero-point-five seconds before death, I visualize an invention,” he told the Smithsonian Magazine when asked about his underwater swims. He holds his breath for a long period of time to achieve that ‘breakthrough’. He has also invented something called the ‘Love Jet’ that is, according to him, 55% more powerful than Viagra. He sleeps 4 hours a day and has a bathroom lined with 24-karat gold to block out interruptions to the imagination from radio waves.

Now that’s a habit we can steer clear of?

5. The Salt Test

We all know the name of Thomas Edison. Before he hired someone to help him with his initiatives, he would test them with something called ‘the salt test’. When someone ordered soup and added salt to it without even tasting it, the person fell out of Edison’s good books. He did not like to work with people who would assume things without testing them first. Peculiar isn’t it?

6. The Coffee Addict

The philosopher Voltaire is said to have drunk about 50 cups of coffee every single day! Not that we encourage this unusual habit, but he lived a long life, died at the age of 83. He paid no heed to his doctor’s warnings about coffee. We wonder though, did he sleep at night? There were some who praised coffee highly in the 18th century because of its health benefits. After Voltaire passed away, King Frederick II, the ruler of Prussia said in his eulogy, “The philosopher took as high as fifty cups on some days. This would perhaps explain the nobility of Voltaire’s mind and its sudden bursts of enthusiasm, for, according to Condorcet (Vie de Voltaire) he passed in an instant from the wrath to tenderness, from violent indignation to sunny pleasantness.”

7. The Roadside Greens

Henry Ford, whom we all know well, ate weeds, grass and other such crazy greens. Yes, really. He thought that all his body needed was any food and if there was weed in the yard, it could as well be eaten! These greens were turned into salads, sandwiches, boiled stews and whatnot. Did the guests at his parties return home on an empty stomach? But, as the doctor says, please eat your greens!

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