“You will never be a God.”

  • Loki, in Avengers: Infinity War

The latest Disney + MCU series ‘Loki’ is not low-key! It has created quite a buzz on the internet. We have seen the character appear repeatedly in the Avenger movies but how much do you know about this guy? 

These cool facts will help you understand “Who is Loki?” and more about this ‘God of Mischief.’

Fact 1: He was abandoned, then adopted.

Loki Laufeyson is Thor’s brother and literally the ‘God of Mischief’. He wreaks havoc in Asgard time and again because he wants to be king. He was abandoned by the Frost Giant royalty and then rescued and raised by King Odin of Asgard like his own son.

Fact 2: His power came from envy.

He is a great shape-shifter and can cast hellish illusions with his psionic powers. He has superhuman strength and is extremely dangerous. Why is Loki so evil? As a child, he was always jealous of the relationship King Odin and Thor shared. Mischief could have started as a way of grabbing attention to himself. Thor’s hero-self made it worse for Loki.

It was his envy that made him a master of mayhem. He used to pull pranks on Thor and in that process became excellent with magic. Eventually, Thor and Loki become arch-enemies. He wanted to take the throne of Asgard from Thor for himself.

Fact 3: He played a huge role in the creation of the Avengers.

In a way, Loki was the reason for the formation of Avengers, inadvertently. His attempt to attack Thor on Earth backfired. He tried to trick Thor into battling the Hulk but they banded together against him.

Fact 4: He has wielded the famous Thor’s hammer!

In the comic Avengers & X-Men Axis #9, a spell affects the ethics of all the heroes and villains. Loki then becomes the God of Truth and Heroism, which in turn makes him worthy of wielding Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir.

Fact 5: He might never die. 

In Avengers: End we see that ultimately, Thanos, the supervillain, kills Loki when he tries to kill Thanos with a dagger in the back. That’s when Loki tells Thanos that he will never be a God. But we have seen Loki die and reappear two times before this happened — so fans think he might still be alive. 

Why? Because we see that when the Avengers travel back in time to secure the infinity stones, Loki escapes with the space stone – changing the trajectory of things. Maybe the latest series on Loki will give us answers to what happens next!

If you are a Loki fan and know some cool facts, share them with us in the comments section! We hope you enjoyed reading this article about Loki. We think the character is amazingly played by Tom Hiddleston. What do you think?

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