Welcome back to the second part of inspiring failure stories of entrepreneurs that shows you the reality of dreaming big. In the previous blog, we talked about J.K. Rowling, one of the most successful writers of our generation and Elon Musk, the eccentric tech mogul.

If you haven’t read the previous blog, please check it out (You can link to the blog). Let’s dive straight in and discuss more failure to success stories.

Ed Sheeran

Although he cannot be traditionally considered an entrepreneur, his journey is an inspiration to anyone who is trying to do something different. He was born into a middle-class family, and he was inclined to music from an early age.

He learned how to play the guitar and would attempt singing in public spaces like a local church. His father was extremely supportive of his dreams and would drive him to various music festivals and events to help him, study professionals.

Ed was quite a hustler right from the beginning. He would record his songs and sell CDs in his teens to anyone he would meet. He was able to release two albums in 2006 and 2007, which inspired him to move to London. At this time, he was not popular and would often busk on the streets to make ends meet.

In 2010, Jamie Fox, a well-established singer and comedian, saw Ed Sheeran play in a local poetry slam in Los Angeles. He was quite impressed with the young artist, and after a quick chat, he realised that Ed did not have a play to stay and offered his couch for a few nights.

Fox gradually introduced Ed to his music circle and helped him get into exclusive festivals and events. Fox had built a studio in his house, and he believed that Ed deserved a shot at greatness. This push was enough for him. In under a year, he released top-charting songs one after the other, and the rest is history.

Steve Jobs

In the world of entrepreneurship, Steve Jobs is the gold standard of passion and vision. Although, his journey was not easy, and he was constantly plagued with personal and professional issues.

He was not a tech genius by any account. His brilliance was seen in the design and pushing people to their full potential. He believed in achieving perfection and did not accept anything less than that. Although, this passion often turned into heated arguments, and he rubbed many people off the wrong way.

In 1985, Steve Jobs was kicked out of his company due to severe conflicts with the CEO, John Sculley. Imagine the pain he felt; he created and took care of the company as a baby and was kicked out without compassion or any money.

Instead of crumbling under pressure, he pivoted and founded Pixar and NeXT. NeXT was a technology company spearheaded by jobs and a famous designer. They made waves in the industry almost instantly, while Apple’s quality and loyalty were dropping. Apple eventually bout his company in 1966 and invited Jobs back into Apple as the co-founder. He redirected the ship drastically and put Apple on the map with revolutionary products like the iPod and iPhone.

That is the end of this series for now. Stay tuned to read more content where relevance meets excellence.

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