Hyderabad Veterinarian Priyanka Reddy
Hyderabad Veterinarian Priyanka Reddy

Brutal rape and murder of 27 years, old Hyderabad Veterinarian Priyanka Reddy emotionally dragged the hearts of many Indians. These intolerable cases turn women to feel insecure and lose faith in humanity.

Cases like Nirbhaya, 9 months baby rape and many other brutal rape cases are popping up daily. When you open the newspaper every morning, we see many of these sorts.

Is there an end to this? What can we do to STOP these barbaric acts?

Of all rape cases, only 1 in 4 gets convicted

Crimes against women in India are reported around 40 per hour out of which 10% and beyond are rape cases.

In 2016 alone 3,38,000 cases were filed as a crime against women. 38,000 were rape cases and 2100 were gang rape cases. The conviction rate is almost 1 in 4 cases. Look at the source data.

Crime against Women 2017
Crime against Women 2017

Thomson Reuters Foundation conducted a survey in 2018 and published a list of countries that are dangerous for women. India tops the list. Here is the report.

Do we believe all these reports? Are all these facts true? Do we have enough data to prove these points?

Do we blame the Judicial system or something else?

Every citizen raises their voice when we see this kind of incident. Everyone tweets on the incident and calls for a peace rally, candle walk and so on. Do we continue to voice on these after a few days?

Look at few tweets from Celebrities on this case

There are thousand and million tweets that went on since the last 2 days. Many popular hashtags like #JusticeForPriyankaReddy, #PriyankaReddy arose and people started expressing their feelings.

One question that always hits my mind, Do we continue doing this after a few days? Why do we forget to raise the voice or find a solution instead we react only when needed?

What should we do to not see these anymore? Can we really reduce these incidents?

Do we blame the Police, Government and all that others for this incident? Can’t we all together with help our Judicial system reduce such incidents?

Every one of us first blames the Police and Government. How long do we do this? I believe its time for us to work together with the Police and Government and reduce these incidents.

As Indian, I really don’t want India on the list of top 10 dangerous countries for women and something that sort. We all would rather want India to top the safest for all lists.

What do we do to keep our kids, family, and friends safe?

Most of us know about our Indian freedom struggle. Do you think only our leaders fought the battle? Is it not a people revolution against a cause?

Well, you may ask how can we compare any of these incidents with our freedom struggle. Its all about for a noble cause and great reforms.

As a great leader, the first step is to make sure your people around you get motivated for the cause.

These are my thoughts

Nothings can be achieved unless 60% of us really wants to change the face of our nation and work towards a reform that can help our kids, family and friends be safe.

  1. Use Technology
    1. How many of us have Whatsapp? Almost everyone right. Now how many of us have SOS app that can alert Police and your contacts? Find one and install. There are many apps that came up but look at the app that works with the Government.
    2. Build an app – We should have an SOS app and when clicked on the SOS button this alerts all people close to the location who has this app installed and can help you immediately before Police arrive. An alert should go to call our emergency contacts and Police in parallel to the people close to the location
    3. We need to motivate people to use this app or make it mandatory.

Do you know in Florida whenever a missing case is registered, everyone in that network gets an SMS about the missing alert with complete case details. Most often this helped police to track the cases in less than 48 hours. Assume if we have such kind of alerts, I am sure one of them who is close to location must have reacted and saved.

Let’s stop worrying and have a concern. Worrying creates depression and Concerns make us think about a solution.

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