Elon Musk always knows how to make headlines. From controversial tweets landing him in trouble, to creating products like tesla that take the world by a storm. 

No one can deny his brilliance and everything he touches turns to gold. Elon Musk beat Jeff Bezos to be the richest man in the world in 2021. This achievement has nothing to do with luck, Musk has always been an eccentric scientist who excels in finding critical pain points and producing state of the art products in the technology sector. 

Owning magnanimous companies like Tesla SpaceX and making long strides in software and tech would have been more than enough for most people. But, as established earlier, Elon Musk is not an ordinary person. He is directing a majority of his time and money into the Mars program, which begs the question, “Why?”. 

History of SpaceX

Elon Musk founded Space Exploration Technologies Corporation (SpaceX) in 2002. His goal was to make space travel commercial and accessible to all. To reach their goal of making space travel cheap, it was imperative they build their engines. 

SpaceX created its first engine, Merlin, which made their rocket drastically cheaper than competitors like Boeing and Lockheed Martin. Merlin was installed in Falcon1, and in 2006 SpaceX launched its first rocket, which took off strong but was unable to exit the orbit due to a fuel leak resulting in a spectacular blast. 

Elon Musk doesn’t believe in giving up, and over the years, SpaceX saw three more launch failures. Finally, on April 8 2016, SpaceX made history. They successfully launched Falcon 9 and made a round trip back to the base, making a safe landing. SpaceX has set the trend for reusable rockets leaving the rest of the world catching up to their engineering marvel. 

Why Mars?

Almost everyone on earth considers Elon Musk as the messiah who will save the world with initiatives like renewable energy, reaching far beyond Tesla and the Mars Program through SpaceX.

In an interview, he was asked how he was inspired to save humanity; he chuckled and replied that he is no hero and believes humans will destroy the earth. However, to the interviewer’s dismay, Musk continued to say that he thinks of it as a practical problem and he wants to make sure humans survive. The only way to ensure this is for humans to be a multi-planetary species. 

According to Elon Musk, Mars is the most suitable planet to inhabit. Planets like Saturn and Jupiter are essentially huge masses of toxic gasses. Mercury and Pluto have extreme climates, with sub-zero and boiling temperatures lasting for weeks. Mars is the most balanced out of all the planets and has pools of frozen water that rules out our moon as it has no atmosphere and is entirely barren. 

The dream to live on Mars is a long journey, but because of the strides taken by SpaceX, it is not a pipe dream. Apart from the obvious concerns of reaching mars and sustaining life form, a barge of free world issues will surface. Mars isn’t under any government or private companies property, creating anarchy after the basic steps and people look to improve their quality of living. So, to answer the question, “Will Elon Musk colonise space?”, yes, we believe he will achieve his goals. 

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